Luxury round plastic cosmetics jar

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Plastic cosmetic jars are versatile containers used to store various beauty products like creams, lotions, balms, and powders. Crafted from durable plastics like PET or PP, these jars come in diverse sizes and shapes, catering to different product volumes and application needs. Their lightweight nature makes them portable and less prone to breakage compared to glass counterparts. With excellent sealing capabilities, they effectively preserve product freshness by protecting against air, moisture, and contaminants. These jars often feature customizable options including colors, transparency, sealing mechanisms, and label printing, allowing brands to personalize packaging to match their identity and enhance product appeal. Overall, plastic cosmetic jars are popular for their functionality, durability, and customizable features in the beauty industry.

PRODUCT NAME: Plastic Cosmetic Jar
CAPACITY 5g 10g 15g 20g 30g 50g or customized
COLOR: Black, white, rose gold, silver or customized
DECORATION: Paint spraying, Metallization, UV coating
PRINTING TYPE: Silk-Screen Printing, Hot Stamping ,3D print ,hot transfer Print
MOQ: 100pcs for stock item ,5000pcs for customized
QUALITY CONTROL: Perfect color match, silk screen printing don’t rub off.
No leaking, match with cap perfectly.
No scratch, no impurities, using the high-quality raw material.
No splay, No Specks/ Bubbles in our products.
Quality control before production, in production, and inspection after goods finished.
PACKAGING DETAILS: Standard Export Carton Packing
LEAD TIME: 5-8days for stock ,25days for Mass Production


Plastic cosmetic jars boast several notable features and advantages. Firstly, they are typically crafted from lightweight and durable plastics, making them easy to carry and less prone to breakage compared to glass containers, enhancing safety during handling. Secondly, these plastic jars often offer excellent sealing properties, effectively safeguarding cosmetics from air, moisture, and bacteria, thus extending the shelf life of products. Additionally, they come in diverse designs to meet various beauty product needs, available in a range of shapes and capacities, from travel-friendly sizes to larger household containers. Moreover, plastic materials tend to be more cost-effective compared to other options, making these jars more budget-friendly and accessible to consumers. Overall, plastic cosmetic jars, with their lightweight, durability, sealing capability, versatility, and affordability, have become a popular choice in the realm of cosmetic packaging.

Plastic cosmetic jars can be customized in several aspects to cater to different brand or product needs:

  1. Size and Shape: Customization allows for different sizes and shapes of jars, ranging from compact travel-sized containers to larger household options, tailored to specific product requirements.
  2. Material and Color: Options include various plastic materials like PET, PP, etc. Customizing the color and transparency of the jars to suit specific product aesthetics and needs is possible.
  3. Sealing and Lid: Customizing the sealing properties of the jar and the lid design ensures product safety during transportation and usage, preventing external contaminants from entering.
  4. Printing and Labels: Brand logos, product information, usage instructions, etc., can be printed directly on the jars or added via stickers or labels, enhancing brand recognition and conveying product information.
  5. Accessories and Decoration: Addition of accessories such as pumps, sprayers, or unique-shaped lids, as well as surface decorations like textures, matte finishes, or gloss treatments, can be included.

Customizing Plastic cosmetic jars allows for tailored designs that meet specific brand requirements, making products more appealing to consumers and offering a better user experience.