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Custom & Wholesale Cosmetic Jar With Good Quality

Our business includes excellent products such as custom wholesale Acrylic Cosmetic Jar, Plastic Cosmetic Jar, Glass Cosmetic Jar, and Aluminum Cosmetic Jar. It uses high -quality materials to make makeup cans to ensure the durability and texture of the product.

Innovative Designs

Our commitment lies in providing novel, practical, and visually appealing cosmetic jar designs that cater to diverse client needs.

Diverse Selection

We offer a range of sizes, shapes, and capacities in our cosmetic jar selection, meeting various product types and packaging needs.

Comprehensive Support

Beyond superior products, we provide extensive support, including design assistance and personalized services to meet specific needs.

Acrylic Cosmetic Jar

Acrylic materials are easy to process and shape, so the created jars can have various shapes, sizes and design to meet the needs of different products. Acrylic cosmetics tanks usually have high durability, not easy to crack, and can protect internal products from damage.

Plastic Cosmetic Jar

The lady of the plastic cosmetics tank is very light, which is convenient for carrying and traveling, suitable for daily use and travel. Plastic materials can have good transparency, can clearly display products, and at the same time, plastic is relatively easy to process into various shapes and design.

Glass Cosmetic Jar

The glass cosmetics tank has excellent transparency, which can clearly display the color and texture of the cosmetics, so that consumers are clear at a glance. The appearance and texture of glass materials give people a noble and elegant feeling.

Aluminum Cosmetic Jar

Aluminum is a lightweight and sturdy metal, making the cosmetic tank lighter, suitable for carrying and traveling. Aluminum has strong corrosion resistance, can effectively resist the effects of chemicals and oxides, and protect internal products from pollution.

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About Us, Our Advantages

We are a professional cosmetic jar manufacturer and are committed to providing high -quality and innovative cosmetics packaging solutions. We have advanced production technology and rich experience, customize various specifications, shapes and materials for customers to meet the needs of different brands and products.

We are based on high -quality materials and strict quality control standards to ensure that each cosmetic can withstand the test of time and use. We are committed to sustainable development and adopting environmental protection materials and production processes to contribute to environmental protection.

Cosmetic Jar Material Introduce


Transparency, durability, design flexibility, chemical stability, impact-resistant and modern aesthetics.


Lightweight, cost-effective, versatile design options, easy to handle and transport.


Excellent product visibility, chemically inert, fully recyclable and eco-friendly material.

Frequently Asked Question!

We provide Cosmetic Jars in various materials including plastic, glass, aluminum, and acrylic, each offering distinct properties and design possibilities to suit diverse cosmetic products.

Yes, we offer eco-friendly options. Our glass and some plastic jars are fully recyclable, aligning with sustainable packaging practices.

Certainly, our jars are engineered to withstand diverse cosmetic formulations, ensuring compatibility and preserving product integrity.

Absolutely, our manufacturing capabilities allow for extensive customization in size, shape, and design features, ensuring the perfect fit for your cosmetic line.

Quality is our priority. We adhere to stringent quality control measures throughout production, utilizing premium materials and rigorous inspection processes to maintain high standards.

While our focus is on manufacturing high-quality jars, we collaborate with labeling partners and can assist in connecting you with reliable branding solutions.

Customers Reviews

Thrilled with the quality of your Cosmetic Jars! These jars not only showcase my cosmetics beautifully but also demonstrate the commitment to excellence in your craftsmanship. Delighted! The secure packaging was an added assurance, arriving in perfect condition. Will recommend your products to colleagues!
Emily Stewart

We can personalize according to the needs of customers!

It covers all aspects of product design to production, including customized options such as color, shape, material, size and identification.

Impressed by the quality of your Cosmetic Jars! The durability and craftsmanship are remarkable, ensuring my skincare products stay pristine. Will definitely recommend to others. Your attention to detail is commendable, and the customer service experience was delightful and professional. Looking forward to future purchases!
James Robertson